Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management Accounting

Started on January 1, 1970


Masters Level Diploma Programme-Level 7

This Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management Accounting will allow you to gain a perspective on the organizational techniques required for effectively executing strategic decisions and the critical role that managerial leadership plays in the viability and growth of a business.

Students taking this programme, you will be able to enjoy comprehensive coverage of all the key areas of management; extensively use case studies and simulations to enhance your knowledge; be exposed to a strong focus on leading-edge managerial practices such as leadership from the best companies in the world; receive hands-on training in the latest technology applications in the area of management information systems.

The purpose is to prepare candidates for their role as management accountants in the workplace. The qualification will equip learners with insight into the world of financial management, both from a corporate and individual perspective, with an emphasis on improving decision-making in a competitive environment. Learners will utilise the financial information in managerial decision-making.

The core focus of this specialization are as follows:

  • Financial Planning & Management 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Research Project 


How courses in this diploma are delivered:

  • Fully online study with live classes and recorded sessions.
  • Lecturer support outside of class times.
  • The courses are assessed by coursework and do not have any final exam, thus making it flexible for working professionals to be able to balance work and study time.


Entry Requirements (Any one of the following):

  • A first degree in any subject area.
  • (Or) 21 years or older and 3 years work experience in the field.
  • (Or) Assessment of prior learning.


Monthly/Weekly Payment Plans Available


AWARD FEE: £155 – A one (1) time fee to be awarded the diploma.

EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-accreditation,a globally recognized national qualifications regulator in the UK, a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).