Alpha University Courses

Bachelor’s in Chaplaincy

This program provides knowledge and training in the counseling of people and families in need. Learners explore the fundamentals of faith and religion through in-depth study of religious theologies. Students will examine theories and methods used to assist people in crisis.

Bachelor’s in Pastoral Counselling and Psychology

This program will equip students with the knowledge and experience you need to offer counseling to your clients and help transform their spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

Bachelor’s in Comparative Theology

The Bachelor’s in Comparative Theology introduces students to broad theoretical issues in the academic study of religion, and encourages them to explore these issues through mastering details of the textual principles, historical traditions, social contexts, and cultural forms of religion.

Master’s in Chaplaincy

This Master in Chaplaincy is for students called to provide spiritual support and guidance outside the religious institutions. The Master in Chaplaincy will provide a solid practical and theological underpinning as well as a balanced training in pastoral counseling skills and intercultural studies.

Master’s in Pastoral Counselling and Psychology

The Master’s in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology combines theology with therapy to address relational, emotional, and spiritual needs. By integrating modern psychology with theological training,

Master’s in Comparative Theology

The Master’s in Comparative Theology is a rigorous program designed to give students a broad exposure to religious tradition and a variety of theological specialties, and to allow students to explore a topic in depth through the preparation of a thesis.

Doctorate in Chaplaincy

The Doctorate in Chaplaincy focus on research, culminating in a final thesis or portfolio project. Our chaplaincy specialization will equip you with an in-depth study of Religious Scriptures,

Doctorate in Pastoral Counselling and Psychology

Mental health leaders with pastoral emphasis are often the first line of assistance and gatekeepers to faith-based professional services. Communities need religious leaders like you to make a difference.

Doctorate in Comparative Theology

The Doctorate in Comparative Theology entails the study of one or more religious traditions other than one’s own, and critical reflection on one’s own tradition in light of the other tradition or other traditions.